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You are here because you’d like to order a signed and personalized copy of one of the many foreign editions of HEX. Thomas would love to try and make this happen for you!


Fill in the form below to let us know what edition you fancy. This is NOT yet an order, as we will contact the publishers to acquire copies upon request. Due to delays with international mail, this process may take a while, up to several weeks. If we succeed in getting copies, we will send you a link for payment, after which your copy will be on its way to your part of the world!

Even though we’ll give it our best effort, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to acquire the copies you’d like, in which case you’ll be informed via an email. No cure, no pay of course. Before you fill in the form, take into consideration that we will charge the normal price for the book, our standard service fee of €1,50 (1,70 USD) and international mailing costs. For Brazil, mailing costs are 79 Real; for Ukraine 403 Grivna; for Germany, France and Italy €9,80. (These are just examples.)


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